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  April 2018
Prior to WoolPoll every three years, AWI is required to undergo an independent Review of Performance. The government has engaged Ernst and Young to conduct the review. This year the scope is expanded and growers are encouraged to make their views known. If you would like to make a submission please visit the following website: www2.srnet.com.au/SE/1/AWIReview
April 2018
This month we examine the global and domestic state of the wool industry. With the recent World Merino Congress in Montevideo, Uruguay, coupled with record prices at Australian wool sales and a recent Australian wool production forecast we take stock of supply, demand and what may lie ahead.
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New drench resistance test trial
A trial testing different drench resistance test methods is currently under way. Funded by AWI and conducted by Dawbuts, the free trial is now calling for woolgrowers to get involved. This project aims to develop a new drench resistance test that is simple and cheap to conduct but provides diagnostic answers that are robust and reliable.
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AWI and Soils For Life back stewardship with science
Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) in partnership with Soils For Life (SFL), has established a long-term project to collect evidence on trends in production and environmental performance on wool-growing properties within predator/exclusion fenced areas of central Queensland and north eastern New South Wales. To date, no project has investigated the production and environmental effects of before, during and after erecting a predator/exclusion fence.
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Across much of the country summer temperatures have persisted longer than expected and rainfall has been poor. There is a feeling that worms are no longer an issue, but sheep may indeed be harbouring infections. Read Kate Sawford's report to see how barber's pole worm can still be a problem in southern NSW during a generally very dry summer and autumn.
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The Woolmark Performance Challenge
The Woolmark Performance Challenge is an annual product innovation competition open to tertiary students. It provides an opportunity to apply the unique benefits of Australian Merino wool to innovative new product applications in the sports and performance market.
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Episode 35: Ewe are what ewe eat
Charles Sturt University (CSU), Professor Michael Friend and PhD student Forough Ataollahi explain their project through the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation investigating supplementing ewes to increase lamb survival.
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Episode 37: South American Merinos
Head to Patagonia and hear how Merinos survive and thrive against the odds. How have Australian Merino genetics adapted to the diverse climates of South America?
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The Boston Marathon finish line is just the beginning for Australian wool
The Woolmark Company (TWC) has joined forces with one of the most influential global sportswear brands and the world’s most prestigious marathon event. Targeting highly engaged participants and influential consumers to lift awareness of Merino wool in sportswear, the partnership has seen the launch of a 75% Merino t-shirt at the Boston Marathon as well as a marketing campaign partnering with The Boston Globe to promote TWC’s ‘first-timers’ campaign I WOOL WIN - WON WITH WOOL.
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